Private Marketplaces. Superior Value.

Realize full value of your inventory by meeting buyers’ needs within a brand safe environment.

Your inventory.
Your choice.

Smart helps publishers create deals in their own secured marketplaces in a closed, select environment.

Programmatic Guaranteed
Leverage the best of both programmatic and direct sales. Through deals that guarantee volume at a fixed price, you’ll secure opportunities, strengthen relationships and access new buyers to increase revenue.

Private Auction
Make deals with a limited set of buyers targeting specific inventory and/or audiences.

Direct Deals
Monetize your inventory with direct, fixed price deals with one buyer for specific inventory and/or audiences.

Curated Deals
Buyers can target their audiences at scale through one deal ID on cross-network inventory. This means less effort, more visibility and more revenue for publishers.

The Best Path To Value

Publishers reveal the true value of their premium inventory to serve demanding buyers.


Make the most of your inventory by revealing its true value.


Trade within a high quality environment with 100% control of your transactions.


Build trust and commitment by pairing only the most committed buyers and sellers who are interested in transacting directly on premium inventory.


Trading programmatically reduces the risk of manual errors and ensures efficiency throughout the entire supply chain.


Enrich your deals with easy-to-activate audience data – 1st or 3rd party – and a powerful semantic contextual targeting engine.