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Fully-Managed Header Bidding

Header Bidding Made Easy

Our Managed Header Bidding solution helps publishers get the most out of each impression with effortless implementation and revenue growth.

With our managed Header Bidding offer, competition and demand density is increased with zero effort and zero risk, maximizing global revenue and a long term optimization.

Adding Header Bidding to your stack has never been easier. Smart guarantees a quick, seamless implementation and provides publishers with easy-to-use management tools and reporting to optimize their monetization strategies.

fast implementation

Get the most value out of fully managed & flexible header bidding integration

powerful insights

Gain deeper understanding about your campaign data with detailed and unified reporting

easy Optimization

Take advantage of easy daily Header Bidding management 

[…] we implemented header bidding in 1 week. The implementation was done without any problems and without the need to make big changes in the adserver settings. Thanks to this solution, we have achieved an increase in revenue, eCPM and saved time and costs that would have incurred if we had implemented it independently. 

Pawel Adamski

Programmatic Manager, Bonnier

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