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holistic yield optimization

Holistic yield optimization through a truly unified auction

The Smart full stack platform features the market’s most powerful ad server and natively integrated SSP.

Our outstanding holistic yield optimization algorithm ensures that each impression is sold through the best sales channel in order to maximize your overall revenue. 

From a single entry point, you can manage all your revenue sources: direct, programmatic and ad network mediation. 

Doing client-side header bidding? You can benefit from our new fully holistic yield optimization solution, Holistic+. For web, mobile web and in-app campaigns, you can manage all your revenue sources — direct, programmatic and header bidding. 

Our Yield+ solution will provide granular rules management and automatic floor optimization on RTB+ for an additional revenue boost and advanced control and optimization.


Keep track of your inventory and sales potential with a forecasting tool that takes all network parameters into account. This includes traffic seasonality, targeting and booked campaigns. Get suggestions on how to optimize and improve inventory sales.


Get the most value out of each impression by taking all parameters into account in real time, allowing direct sales to compete with programmatic.


Gain deeper understanding about your campaign data with ready-to-use reports or use our big data reporting interface to precisely analyze the performance of each and every campaign.

Smart’s Holistic+ solution helps us optimize revenues and track performance. The new Holistic Dashboard allows us to visualize all key campaign indicators as well as understand fill rate and the true value of our ad space, regardless of the sales channel (direct, programmatic, or header bidding). Our team has saved considerable time, and it’s been a way for us to more efficiently control the results of our ops efforts.

Ali Koné

Director of Ad Ops, Marie Claire (GMC) Media

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